Sales Delivery

In order to keep our prices low and offer a fair transparent service we pass on shipping costs to you ratder than specifying "Free Shipping" on a product when we are really building it into the cost of the product. Your shopping basket will calculate the shipping weight of your order and will convert this into a shipping cost based on the following table:

Weight From Weight To Cost Service
0 0.75kg £2.70 Royal Mail First Class
0.75kg 1kg £4.30 Royal Mail First Class
1kg 1.5kg £6.50 Royal Mail First Class
1.5kg 2kg £8.30 Royal Mail First Class
2kg 12kg £10.00 24hr Courier ( Mon – Fri)
12kg 20kg £15.00 24hr Courier ( Mon – Fri)
20kg 50kg £20.00 24hr Courier ( Mon – Fri)
50kg 100kg £35.00 24hr Courier ( Mon – Fri)
100kg 250kg £50.00 24hr Courier ( Mon – Fri)
250kg and above Price on Application

We review these prices on a regular basis and will always give you the best deal that we can find. If you have any questions about delivery then please get in touch.

Rental Delivery

When you place a rental order we will send the order out by Courier or Royal Mail depending on the size of the order, the order will always be sent to arrive at least one day before you need it. We will also send you the relevant paperwork for collection by Courier or Pre Paid Postage for Royal Mail.

For a courier collection you will need to specify an address where our courier can pick up the parcel during the day Monday to Friday, this can be a residential or business address as long as there is someone there to give the parcel to the courier.

With a Royal Mail return you just need to fix the pre paid label onto the parcel and take it to any Post Office counter, they will simply stamp the proof of postage and take the parcel from you.

The delivery and collection charges and method will be clearly stated on the quote that you will receive from us once you have sent us an enquiry.

If you would prefer to come and pick up the order from our Warehouse simply let us know when you send us your enquiry and we will leave delivery and collection off the quote. Your order will then be available for collection the day before your rental starts and we will need you to drop it back the day after your rental ends.

If you have any questions about delivery or collection then please don't hesitate to get in touch.