Rental Terms and Conditions

Equip Me Ltd rents the equipment listed herein to the Renter subject to the conditions of this agreement. In consideration, the Renter agrees to the following:

1. Agreement consists of all the conditions on this page.

2. Renter acquires no rights other than the right to use the equipment according to this agreement.

3. Renter will return the equipment in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear, to the location where rented. Renter will report fully any and all incidents during the period of rental to Equip Me Ltd.

4. Renter agrees to pay to Equip Me Ltd the daily rental rate as supplied in the rental quote.

5. If loss or damage to the equipment occurs due to the fault of the Renter, Renter agrees to pay to Equip Me Ltd the amount of such loss or damage, including expenses incurred by Equip Me Ltd to restore the equipment to general rental use.

6. Equip Me Ltd does not provide any liability coverage for the Renter against claims, which may arise from the use of equipment. Renter further agrees to defend and indemnify Equip Me Ltd and employees, from any and all liabilities and costs of defence for any damages arising in any manner whatsoever incurred during, or in any way incidental to, the rental, use, or operation of the equipment rented herein, arising out of and through any negligent act or omission by the Renter.

7. Renter represents that he or she is age 18 or older or if under age 18, has established parental or sponsored acceptance of responsibility for the acts of a minor or dependent child. Renter further represents that the information provided for identification is true and accurate.

8. Renter agrees that regardless of any verbal agreements or promises, absolutely no additions, modifications, deletions, or amendments to this rental contract will have any effect whatsoever unless specifically included herein in writing and signed by the parties thereto.